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Brian Rushe of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition says Minnesota will suffer three times as much costs if gambling revenue is used to finance a new Vikings stadium in Minnesota. I'm Brian Rushe, Executive Director of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition and my comments today are much more about the financing of any stadium proposal than about a site. So thank you for the opportunity. We represent the Minnesota Council of Churches, the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Islamic Center of Minnesota and we're very concerned about the gambling that have been floating around to fund a stadium. Gambling comes with significant social costs. And my concern is that too often that term 'social costs' is sort of glossed over and not given as deep a concern as it warrants. The best studies that are out there about what happens to a community when you put a casino inside of it, is that the social benefits are modest. You've provided a convenience for people that they might not otherwise have had. But the social costs swamp it by about a three-to-one margin. And when I say social costs, I just want to take a minute to delineate what I'm talking about. so that there's some familiarity with the things you can actually, demonstrably, measure. Family discord, family violence, even divorce are things that can be measured as an outcome of an escalation of gambling. Theft, embezzlement, lost productivity at work can be measured. Police ...