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The clip learning to fly from 1941 (1979)However, we're installing antiaircraft batteries all over town.In addition, we have a vast network of civil defense volunteer aircraft spotters...keeping a constant vigil.They report their sightings directly to lnterceptor Command Headquarters.In the event of a sighting that cannot be immediately identified by Headquarters,we go to a condition yellow as a precaution.The aircraft maintains its position and attempts to identify it fail,we go to a condition blue.The situation persists, we cannot establish radio contact, we go to a red alert.During a red alert, air raid sirens will sound.All lights must be turned out. Searchlights will scan the skies for enemy aircraft.Gun crews will be at ready.I hope.Clear the props !Boost pump on. Energize. Engage. Ignition !Are we cleared for takeoff ?B-17, two, seven, one.Cleared for takeoff on runway one-eight.Winds from the southwest.You want the stick ?Yes, yes, yes. Give it to me.All right. Now.We are rolling.We're rolling down that runway...faster and faster.I don't feel any thrust.Don't worry. You will !You will. All right, all right.Max power ! We're past the point of rejection.Get your nose up ! Pull back on that stick !Oh, very good.Landing gear up.And now we're leveling off at 20,000 feet.Turn the wheel to the right.Good. We're at 20,000 feet.Ow !
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