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or or Our First Vlog about the upcoming Web series, To help make this project happen check out: The Good, The Bad & The Undead! A western tale with a twist! A drifter who stumbles upon the silver mining town of Romero and find himself thrown into a situation even the most hardened warrior of the west has never faced. He must team up with the remaining survivors of the town to fend off the hordes of the undead and work together to escape the growing zombie menace. How will I help to make this happen? We want to get you guys involved as much as we can! Everything we've done to date is for our fans and we couldn't do it without the incredible support you've shown so far. Your pledge will go towards making this project as epic as possible and its got to start somewhere. The scale we're planning is huge, one that is rarely seen on YouTube so we need to make a pilot episode, a proof of concept to show the world what we can do with your support. Money raised for the pilot will go towards creating the best cinematic experience possible, putting together a crack shot crew, gathering costume and props, and most importantly the location. We will also be able to get pro level equipment to shoot, such as the Red camera, giving us cinema quality picture and use of Steadicam enabling us to shoot in new and exciting ways and really give the pilot its own signature look. Additionally we will be getting a dedicated sound team and a great ...