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Please Like and Share this video! Subscribe to get awesome new animations personally delivered - Be the first to watch! This was one of the submissions in the FOX-Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge 2009. What parakeets really think about Thanksgiving... In this classic-style animation, two adorable parakeets named Ellen and Turk sit perched in their cage, content, on Thanksgiving eve. Turk falls asleep and when he awakes, he finds himself smack in the middle of an elaborate dinner table, surrounded by pumpkin pie, a large salad, and a gravy boat, and completely freaks out. He then looks down at his body and realizes that it has turned into a giant turkey body! He screams in panic! An ominous figure appears with a knife and fork, ready to start chowing down on poor Turk! A chase then develops across the dinner table, as salt and pepper shakers are poured on Turk and he runs into a giant pile of corn on the cob. A gravy boat and a bowl of olives then come flying at him, and he struggles to balance on a piece of corn on the cob. He lands on a jell-o mold, bounces up and down a few times, grabs hold of a light fixture with his beak, and then goes flying through the air, straight towards the ominous figure's (which happens to be the family cat) mouth. Ellen then calls to Turk and wakes him up from his nightmare. He is so thankful that the cat is not after him and it was just a dream! She complains to him that every year it's the same thing - Thanksgivingitis! Check out more ...