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This video documents the paranormal activity that has been happening at my house. The ghost girl had not done anything for a while so I decide to conjure her with a magic spell I found online. I think I made things worse by doing this. What do you think? I heard several of the sounds when watching the tape back. 1:53 "Burn Burn Burn" She has said this before in other tapes. I think I know what it means now. I will explain in the next few tapes 3:36 "Growling" ??? 4:15 "Scream" Very weird sounding. It sounded like a growl when I was recording it. On tape it sounded different. 4:19 "No Communicate" ??? I can not really understand what she is saying. More to come......... Please comment, thumbs up (like), and share this video if you like it and like the series. Your support is greatly appreciated.