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Follow me on Facebook & Twitter so you don't miss any videos! Links below. AMAZINGLY I actually got to play this in person years ago at an arcade in Stockton, CA: it's highly likely that it's not there anymore, but still, it was really fun to actually play this in the arcade back then. This is probably one of the most obscure Sonic titles, with a character in it (Ray) that's never been playable in any game since, although he's seen in Sonic Generations in a poster. Mighty would later be in Knuckles Chaotix, though. The game was one of the extremely few modern games (well, in the 90's) to use a trackball, which is why it's never been put into any "Sonic Collections" series. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's more stuff on the links down here! MORE VIDEOS! TWITTER & FACEBOOK CLOTHING/MERCHANDISE BUSINESS EMAIL dezmondac at gmail