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Sponsor: - NH: Open carry at Obama visit sparks little fuss on the part of authorities this time. At least not one that was visible to me or the open carrier. This is the same gent who wound up all over national TV the last time he did it. This clip is part of a playlist series. Watch the series in sequence by clicking here: Some of the video in this clip is available for you to use commercially. Basically any part of the clip that has the URL "" burned into it. Or "" That means I shot it or it's public domain. How to buy an advert: barack obama ron paul hussein new hampshire birth cirtificates hawaii free state project birther queen hearing heckling yelling live free or die occupy wall street jobs bill dave ridley report, ridleyreport liberty staters manchester central high school little green. nh Orly Taitz public domain raw video libertarian news. william kostric gun rights open carry carrier pistols holsters second amendment. disruption disrupted speeches weapons firearms NH: Ex Republican Liberty Caucus chief joins neocon-for-pres campaign Andrew Hemingway, who led an allegedly pro-freedom organization in New Hampshire, has now joined the presidential campaign of a big-spending sabre-rattler. Click link below, if available, or see video descrip for details.