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Visit us on 'Like' us on Facebook - http Follow us on Twitter - PRESENTED BY JOANNE COLLINS PRODUCED BY JOHN HOUGH By the age of 8, buckled in the backseat during a move from Houston to Boston, Gabriel was already a classically trained pianist with a keen ear for music. The Beatles tapes blasted during that ride north sparked a thirst for composition that has yet to be quenched. This zeal drove Gabriel to write his first songs by the age of 12 and, at the age of 17, to add guitar to his rapidly growing repertoire. Now a sophomore at Boston College, he has stretched far beyond his original foundation in sonatas and traditional folk songs in order to emerge with a genre entirely his own. Gabriel captures audiences at a variety of venues with his intricate piano technique and heartfelt lyrics kindled by his study of philosophy. Tune in again to BalonyTV Cork!!!