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'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Visit us on PRESENTED BY BERNARD CONWAY PRENNER "A fine new singer from Vienna: Georg Prenner plays Indie with a touch of elegance, heart-warming melodies and growling guitars." (KURIER, Vienna) You are the guy in a fancy suit. Or wait, the melancholic with a turtleneck! The eccentric with the Telecaster? Anyway, the guy with the melodies." Yes.Vienna based Georg Prenner is a lot, yet he´s one thing for sure: romancer. Peculiar word these days but most certainly true. Prenner screams his songs, he croons and whispers, he shouts and sings. There are tons of shimmering guitars, slick hooks, a dry grand piano and mighty drums. The songs are elegant rockers and charming pop songs with a touch of dance and folk. Pop tunes with muscles and sentiment. And they are just beautiful. Well crafted for a cold autumn. Tune in again!