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READ MORE FOR WARM FUZZIES :3 Do you have a pet and does your pet ever do stuff that you hate? and no matter what there is nothing you can do to stop her from doing it and she just so happens to be the cutest kitty in the world? This video was based on a real life events! Something my cat "jojo" actually does pretty much all the time. If you leave your beverage unattended she thinks that it is for her and will stick her big ol kitty cat face in the cup and end up tipping it over. No matter what it is or where you have it .. she will find it and she will drink it .. or at least try! I swear its super annoying but adorable but super annoying..but super adorable but also super annoying.. but its ok because its cute .. but.. annoying.. but SOOO CUTEEEE :3.. and ANNOYING :@ at the same timee auhgg the circle of life.. the cute.. and adorable.. circle of life.. that is annoying! This video will show you how to deal with a cat who just can't handle not knocking all your crap over and being a real meanie face which is basically to cower in the shadow of her cuteness for everrrr! I LOVE YOU ALL! All my social networking SEND ME STUFF MattG124 PO Box 24116 301 OXFORD ST W. London ON Canada N6H5C4 MERCH: Join my online community! Email me Mattg124films (AT) Snuggie Cat Facebook Group Almost daily videos here!! Facebook Myspace: Twitter: Dailybooth ...