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Well, I was expecting you, just open the door and come on in Friend!
That will make more sense after you’ve heard the opening to the annual Thanksgiving show.
I will set the table, the Thanksgiving table, with a few songs of Peacefulness.
Not always the case at Holiday get-togethers, lol!
And again I remind you that Thanksgiving is the most heavily traveled time in the U.S.
43 million travelers estimated this year, and they are all going HOME!
Over the years that has been the Theme within a Theme for this show- as we have gone Home by Planes, Trains, Automobiles…even Boats.
How about Rollin’ Home?
That’s a new one.
And like last year, a song for those, who for one reason or another, can’t go Home.
It’s a privilege I have always enjoyed, doing these Thanksgiving shows with and for you- bringing you some of the best Music I can think of for the occasion.
That Turkey Day is growing ever nearer!