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'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Visit us on FROM SWEENEYS BAR ON DAME STREET http PRESENTED BY TOM MILLETT I'm based in south Dublin born and bred have been involved in the music ends of the things since my early teens that is in writing playing and performing music. With a break in between from the gig circuit for a few years I'm back hitting all the open mic nights in town and around the beutifull City of Dublin, I have to say I'm gratefull for the reception and feedback I have gotten from people attending the gigs and have heard the songs performed live as a solo acoustic act, it keeps the drive alive along with the truth of it that I never will even if I wanted to stop writing songs and playing music, If I do it will come back to haunt me in some way or another and slap me in the face and say get back out there and try again and again and again and again if it needs be and history shows trying again and again is how the big boys roll, so as I roll with the punches and if the needs be, take the gloves off, than thats what I'll do so Give me the Rock'n'Roll give me the sad songs give me a tune to make me wanna put these boots on and I'll find me a pair of rose tinted glasses and I'll drink and I'll dance to the end of the line and if somewhere in between, something from behind, comes back to haunt me somewhere in my mind I'll assure you your an enemy of a similar crime. It's a big bang baby to know music is power I heard ...