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Alex Osaki & Thom Brenner at Nokia World 2011: speaking about: "Enriching real-world experiences through location app" Nokia World is an annual conference and exhibition devoted to all things Nokia, that took place this year on the 26th and 27th October in London. The two days were packed with captivating talks, inspiring discussions, exciting surprises, fruitful networking. The event offered visitors to experience all new mobile products, services and innovations from Nokia and partners. As the VP Applications, Thom brings his interest in building solutions that apply scientific knowledge to practical problems to Nokia's Location and Commerce unit. He is focused on developing applications that use real-time location data to ease every day uncertainties. Alex believes that science fiction writers got it wrong: the future of technology isn't about people living in a virtual world; the future of technology is letting people experience the real world in a richer, more dynamic way. As a Proposition Manager in Nokia's location apps, Alex helps to give voice to the potential and unique power of location on mobile devices and the web. He was drawn to Nokia because they speak the same language: mobile technology's promise goes beyond the screen. It shouldn't be a distraction -- it should be an amazing tool to help us discover new places, experience new things, make new friends, and connect with people in new ways.