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For some guys it’s easy to find the sex they want and get busy! All they have to do is log on and find someone nearby who is willing to do what they want done.

But for others, it’s socially awkward to connect on any level, even worse, finding a romantic partner seems to be impossible. Is anyone here for love? Of course they are.

Liberace once said “too much of a good thing is wonderful” but I think he was talking about rhinestones and not naked sexy men by his poolside or was he?

Has the sexual revolution 2.0 given us too much of a good thing? Or are we just trying to catch up with the way relationships and sex have changed in modern times?

Congratulations Zan and Mark!

Today we’re going on a virtual date with you the listener and talking about how to build intimacy in your love life and how to ask a guy out on a date and make it not feel creepy or threatening.


The Situation sues Abercrombie and Fitch.

Truth Wins Out send Marcus Bachmann a cease and desist letter.

Chaz Bono looks into getting bottom surgery.

And congratulations to Charles Zan Christensen the queer comic book tycoon for making the Out 100!

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