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Autumn is rapidly becoming tied for my favorite Season.
It brings with it the promise of my beloved Winter.
I know over 90% will disagree with me, but Summer is just something I have to annually sweat and get through so I can enjoy the cold weather.
Obviously, waiting for the bus is preferable in Fall- don’t tell the squirrels, but I freeze my nuts off waiting for public transportation in Winter, lol!
The only thing that could improve The Fall would be snow, and we’ve had some of that already.
Not much to speak of though, so forget I spoke of it.
As I go happily through this beautiful Season, over the years I’ve noticed that Autumn Songs have a distinctive sound.
Quite a few emotions in them, mostly melancholy, sadness at the passing of Summer.
But for me Autumn is invigorating!
I’ll speak of my fondness for sitting in a park here in Brooklyn, oh about a mile from where I live- it is an isolated spot, never crowded, where I can read, write and particularly listen to Music- surrounded by private houses that can’t be seen, so I feel I could be anywhere BUT the big city.
It’s a truly restful spot.
And my friends are under strict orders that should I ever begin to feed the birds or squirrels, they are to shoot me… immediately blow my freakin’ head off for doing such an Old Guy thing, lol!
Like the weather, some nice Music here.
Please do enjoy it.