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A response to all the atheist,evolutionist,agnostic and to whatever shit that are against Christianity. If you can assume and make fun of Christians and the Bible here is a rebuttal to whip all your arses.And now dont be sensitive and post comments like "Oh how can you be so rude. or Im going to report this as hatred". Explain me this1. Will Atheist ever support religious people?2. Do atheist ever respect christianity or Bible?3. If there are 20 atheist and 1 christian in a room will they not make fun of Christianity and Jesus.?"Family Guy" cartoon makes fun of Christians but still christians have given them free speech, by not threatening them though they are majority in this world.4. People writting blasphemous book about christianity like Da Vinci code, The God delusion. Is that not insult to Billions of Christians worldwide. Why Dont the atheist think those kind of books are hurting peoples belief..So if you guys dont bother, Why should I bother if this video pisses you off....All im saying is, its a theory of what may happen "If Atheism rules America"..And all the atheist are getting angry. Its Bitter truth that atheist cant digest."What you sow,so shall you reap"