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Another delicious & nutritious episode

Greetings, loyal listeners! This all-new and extra-creamy edition of The Horror Movie Show, hosted as always by lovable chatterboxes Mark & Jerry, contains 30 per cent fewer peanuts than our normal episode. So while it’s not safe for anyone with a peanut allergy — in fact, it could still be deadly — the point is we are trying. Check our list of ingredient for further details, including a review of Contagion, the star-filled Hollywood blockbuster about world pandemic, the Bradley Cooper vehicle Limitless, The Bleeding House (excellent old-style horror) and the execrable Space Zombie Bingo (which has neither space, zombies nor Bingo — ripoff or what?). Jerry & Mark also blether on for a bit about fave-rave TV show The Walking Dead. Then everything is blanketed in a thick, rich coating of what may or may not be chocolate. What a delicious mix.