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or How global water shortages will be solved. Drought in Australia, America, Asia, China, Africa, Australia. Crop failures, food price rises, hunger and famine. Forest fires and other results of lack of rain. Virtual water -- water used in energy production, manufacturing, agriculture, farming, food production and processing, textiles, pulp and paper industry. River management, with diversions and dam building is only part of solution. Expect huge growth in water conservation in agriculture and manufacturing. Virtual water and water trading as part of the globalisation of products and food. Link between water use and energy generation -- power station cooling for example. How low cost energy could solve water shortages by reducing cost of next-generation desalination. Part of keynote on the $40 trillion green tech revolution which could transform the future of our planet, with innovations that will provide answers to global warming if rolled out on a large enough scale. Impact of technologies already available in energy industry, water conservation, carbon reduction, recycling, power transmission over long distances, alternative power generation, buildings management. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Patrick Dixon -- author of SustainAgility book, lecture for Suez Environmental global leadership team.