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On the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with author and historian Webster Tarpley from Syria. The United States, EU, Turkey and neighboring states have called for Syria's president al-Assad to step down as rumors and reports of violence continue to make headlines in the corporate media. Press TV November 15, 2011 The facts on the ground suggest that there is an urging demand for social and political reforms in the country but the situation is not as bad in Syria as in other despotic Arab countries where the hope for reforms is zero. Calling reforms on some levels is one thing but demanding an ouster of the ruler is a horse of a different color. As the situation stands in Syria, there is little demand for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad. However, Western powers are calling on the Syrian president to step down. The influence of Western media on the international public opinion is so powerful that they are reluctant to see a foreign hand manipulating the events. Reports reveal that the US and Israel have hired Saudi elements and the Saudi-backed Lebanese March 14 forces in order to foment tension in the country, thereby creating a rift between the Syrian people and the government. Washington is monitoring every move with minute precision as the fate of Syria is politically of paramount importance to the empire as it serves as an ally for Iran and poses a danger to the Zionist regime. Indeed there are some parties which ...