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Download link here! Name your price starting at 0.00! (That's free)! I just got 200 more free downloads which means 200 of you can download it for free or name your price! You can enter any price you want! (I wanted to make it free but I ran out of bandcamp free downloads and iTunes is too expensive -_- I hope it's worth a quarter to you! ^_^) If your twitter name is IN the song, tweet me and I'll send you the song via email for free! Happy 11/11/11! Please click ^share^ above to send to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more! This is the second time I did this idea. Here's the first time! Song produced, arranged and sang by me Video filmed and edited by me. Lyrics and contributors: I'm seeing a kangaroo in a coffee shop (@soundlyawake) Where can I find the bus stop? (@EzraEli) I've got my spine I've got my orange (@abrodkin) My pet bird ate my steak (@TaraA7x) My cat sounds like Justin Bieber (@PancakeMixKitty) I curl up and hibernate (@Lodrongirl) Why yes, I did deep-fry that video cassette in spicy mustard (@tara_rism) I bathe in chicken gravy cuz I'm the king of the world (@JonCRamsey) Let's ditch this scene and Maybelline (@thinkmorepink) La la la la la (@emomisfit17) I went to a bar with soundlyawake and a koala-la-la (@aprilislove) The picture frame is made of cheese (@LadyAnachronism) I love apple pie (@MiizRenee) I thought you always walked around with orange juice in your eyes. (@MelissaNogaro) A kazoo resides in my ...