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This multifandom trailer of procedural detectives was made for slashcon-2011. As it was made for russian fans all audio is in russian. I'll translate it to you (I can't check the english version of these shows right now, so the translation is not accurate). - what kind of cops are you? - new kind. "Fandom of Procedural Detectives" - you see, guys can hug too. - please take off your shoes and socks. - do you really want me to do it? people would talk. - among all the people in my life you are the only one. - so how did you get hurt? - well I have a new partner... he is an animal. - did you miss me? - sure! - are you talking to your wife? - to my partner. "You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can be used in fanfics. You have the right to hire a lawyer... Do you understand your rights?" Fandoms in order of appearance: Starsky and Hutch Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Psych Sledge Hammer Chuck The Sentinel CSI White Collar Due South The Professionals Keen Eddie Life on Mars Garrow's Law Silk