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While I've always been a big fan of Amumu and, to a lesser degree, Galio, whenever Splug has played a tank recently it's usually Leona. I figured she'd be a good next pick for the Don't Feed series (in part so he can stop playing a tank while I play a carry). I was pleasantly surprised by her. I knew she could be annoying, but I didn't realize how effective she was at locking down targets and disrupting teams. Her short cooldowns (benefited even more with cooldown reduction) let her be extremely annoying while avoiding the huge "let's wait a minute for my ult" problem that Amumu runs into. Among the tanks I've played, Leona may be the best yet for initiation and sustained disruption. She is heavily skill-shot oriented though, so be warned. The very last clip is a nod to Fortify, the summoner spell on Riot's cutting block. Per the rest, there were only a couple games where I wound up with a disproportionate number of kills to assists (one of them being where I'm solo top and went 10-4 before they conceded). Most of what's in this video is me helping others acquire kills, and me occasionally snagging one for any of a variety of reasons (shield going off, player getting away, or accidentally on my part). NOTE: The following is personal opinion, based on my own experiences. They aren't included in the video because they are opinion, not the absolute best way to play, so please understand that these aren't a hard recommendation and you should check guides on ...