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Watch The Dark Knight Rises Trailer! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hey Guys thanks for coming back to ClevverMovies. I'm Tatiana Carrier and I've got some possible spoilers for the next installment of the Batman Saga. Cosmic Book News just released some new info on Joseph-Gordon Levitt's Character, John Blake in the Dark Knight Rises. Now we're warning you, if you want to be completely surprised, you can should stop watching now, I don't want any angry comments below. But for the rest of you here's what we found out. Previously it was thought that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be working with the League of Shadows, but this turns out to not be true. JGL's character is now believed to be a new cop that is brought on to the force with the main purpose of catching Batman. They start to run into problems however when Bane starts to take over the city and scares the police force after sending Gordon to the Hospital, but Blake is said to be one of the integral officers fighting against him, so we're expecting some classic Nolan intense action packed scenes! AS you guys already know, Since The Dark Knight Rises began shooting in New York City, we've gotten glimpses of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his Gotham Police uniform, escorting Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne into Wayne Enterprises and he was even in a huge street battle scene with what appeared to be some of Bane's men. Well that's all we have so far! Sound off on your ...