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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hey guys thanks for checking back with us at clevver movies, im Tatiana carrier with the latest on the Justice League. Now as you guys already have heard, Warner Bros. wants a Justice League movie and WB Studio President Jeff Robinov has said so himself, and stated a 2013 release date. However, it appears there has been some recent discussion at Warner Bros. in regards to the direction of the heres the scoop! According to Cosmic Book News, Plans are being put together for Justice League movie for either a 2015 or 2016 release....DC Entertainment will be spearheading the film, and it will be distributed by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Also, Geoff Johns, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and Co-Producer on theGreen Lantern movie, will be on the Justice League movie as an Executive Producer, and will be doing the initial treatment for the film before a writer is brought on to pen the screenplay....David Goyer (screenwriter on Man of Steel) is said to be the initial favorite for the screenplay. ALSO,They want Christopher Nolan and wife, Emma Thomas, to be involved in the film in some capacity, most likely as producers. ANDDDD Don't expect Christian Bale as Batman; it will be a new actor in the role. However, Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds could appear as their respective characters, Superman and Green Lantern -- but that fact is just too early to tell. And Lastly, Warner Bros ...