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WARNING: Contains yaoi (boy x boy), incest, crack, crossover and randomness. READ HERE: - Please do not ask the name of the song and the footage used for each mep track. You can find them all here: - MEP means Multi-Editor Project... meaning there are 21 editors who worked in this video and not only me. (It's supposed to be 23 because of my age but I don't want each track to be shorter than 10 secs xD) - As usual, no character/pairing bashing or any form of tardism in the comments please. - MEP ish variety (an!me, manga, movie etc.) Majority is still an!me though. - Song is a bit sped up cause frigging YT blocked the song nationwide X_x I'm not sure if I timed it well though. So yep, I hosted my own birthday mep cause I'm awesome like that. jk XD NO SERIOUSLY... I always wanted to work w/ my friends + my fav editors in a MEP like this so I thought of rewarding myself as a birthday gift (my b-day is tomorrow btw.) Thank you to everyone who took part w/ me in this project! The whole mep turned out so amazing that I can't stop watching it! *__* All tracks are so beautiful and mesmerizing... you guys are so terrific. I salute you all for your awesomeness. Keep it up! Make them happy and subscribe to them, peeps! Track 1: Inuyan Track 2: MadHatterBreak Track 3: chanelpinks Track 4: CeliaPhantomhive Track 5: Anzu10694 Track 6: Eliichan Track 7 - kheartsterra Track 8 ...