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or G4T talk with CAYA about the growing population of homeless in california. As formerly middle class Americans begin to scrap for income, the homeless have less financial resources. Apparently "down and out" families with children are seeking refuge in homeless camps now. Caya Facebook Page: Hey! Thanks for checking out Survive And Thrive TV! I started this channel as a way to talk with other people going through economic problems. It's grown into a alternative news source about what's happening in the economy in my local area of Southern California. I've been featured on Fox News, RT, Al Jezeera, French TV and many others. If you would like to see more "on the ground" reports of what's really going on click the SUBSCRIBE button. My Blog: My Twitter BlogTV Show (Happen Randomly) George's Donation Link: PO BOX 70834 Riverside, CA 9213-0834