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or You can practice lining drills just about anywhere that you go. In this video, I am using the distraction of a dog training class to teach my dog to line directly to the proper bumper that I throw. I am also using the hula hoops as a distraction. In prior videos, you have seen the dog only run through the Hulu hoop but you can tell that he only sees things in terms of straight lines. I have had a few questions from people on the prior hoop videos that the dog is going to run through the hula hoop no matter what, but you can see that is obviously not the case. The dog needs to go where you send him. All of the distraction of the moving dogs also helps in the training of teaching the dog to focus on the proper one you are sending him to and to pay attention. I am also mixing in returns to both sides. There is limited space in this video obviously, but it is best to be imaginative in any setting that is presented to you. My Labrador Retriever 'Kohl' is 1 1 years old.