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or 'Like' us on Facebook - http Follow us on Twitter - BALCONYTV TORONTO IS BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE UNDERGROUND GARAGE AND INDIE WEEK PRESENTED BY NOEL COPEMAN http For the past several years, has constructed their lives around music. Everything else has just been white noise. It's why they work pointless, unfulfilled jobs, and smile and nod when people think it's "cute" that they make music. "But how do you make money?" friends ask. Thankfully, Matt Sullivan, (drums/percussion) Dante Berardi, Jr., (guitars/backing vocals) Caitlin Grieve, (violins/backing vocals) and Wooyoung Kim, (bass) are well aware of the fact that true pleasure, meaning, and success is derived from creative endeavors even with no million dollar contract in sight. Good thing, or they would have ran for the hills when Nate Daniels (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) approached them with the prospect of pursuing a career that may never amount to the fame and fortune so many reality television shows make look so easy. As a band, has distanced themselves from expectation and have flirted with the fantasies of unbridled success, but above all have created solid music that doesn't conform to a certain genre, standard, or ideal. They stand ready, at the forefront of a movement fueled by a 21st century anti-manufactured organic sound. is ready to share their journey and sound with the release of their debut record, The ...