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Get the complete lesson at find out about more lessons on Twitter @totaltraining or http Order today and save 20% using coupon code tt_social. This training product is a combination DVD of the following two individual series: Adobe Photoshop CS3: Channels and Masking & Adobe Photoshop CS3: Maximizing Productivity. After watching this combo DVD series, you will be able produce flashy layouts and photo spreads that belong in a magazine or product catalog -- in a fraction of the time it used to take you. See how easily you can let Photoshop do the work for you with tutorials on Menus, Actions, and Shortcuts. Plus, imagine being able to pluck the silhouette of a model from a complex background while still maintaining every little strand of hair! Using the channel and masking tools you can effortlessly cutout complex objects with clean edges. These informative video series are packed with tips and tricks to make your job easier. Have fun, watch and follow along with the step-by-step examples with the included project files. Maximizing Productivity Learn the proper Do's and Don'ts of recording actions. Discover how to speed up the batch image processing and streamline your next project. Explore the multi-uses of the Crop and Straighten commands to make better use of your images, illustrations, or drawings. Get more comfortable working with multiple layers for complex designs. See how easy it is to watermark an image to protect copyrights or indicate that ...