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Finally!, Tech Update has come back to the Studio, and so it is Friday and so let it be shown. Today on Tech Update we have a battle that the world has been waiting for... A kangaroo vs. an Emu, who will win this epic confrontation over some shrubbery. We also got some epic gaming news in the form of some battlefield 3 news, Skyrim tech spec, and some Fallout MMO legal battle updates. In the media department Netflix has taken a nosedive when it comes sales. The stock is at a record low and the estimated losses are at 8 billion dollars. We take a look at a crosshair bulldozer board, some power consumption numbers on the AMD FX chip. Some cosplay from dead space 2 is shown along with a Smartphone built into a prosthetic arm and even Virgin Galactic ready to take off into space! Kangaroo Links: Man with Pipboy Arm Skyrim Tech Specs Epic Isaac Clarke Dead Space 2 Robots Damn it EA BF3 PS3 shens ASUS Crosshair bulldozer Motherboard NEW GIGABYTE BOARDS ZOMG NETFLIX Virus on Mac? Asus x79 Google Buying Spree Virgin Galactic: AMD FX Fallout MMO Legal Battle Update