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Unknown to most Missourians, there are former underground limestone quarry-turned storage caves just east of Kansas City, in Independence. We visited two on the same day. This one was called the Carefree Business Park, if I'm not mistaken. Looking closely, you can see the massive stone columns literally holding the stone ceiling up. The maze-like structure created by the hollowing out of limestone has created a massive underground void which has been turned in to underground storage. As you can see in the vid, the place has a surreal empty feel and look. Semi's drive around and pull up to loading docks just like those found at any factory or business on the planet. The only difference is that these are completely underground, and in VERY tight quarters. The semi we were riding in frequently came within inches of the limestone walls and columns when making corners, trying to navigate and negotiate the very tight and unforgiving area. At one point, you'll see a semi drive past the camera. I thought the truck was going a bit to fast for the area. Anyone walking through the myriad of columns could have blindly walked out in front of the truck, allowing the driver almost no way out to miss the person. At :14 seconds in to the video, you can see two of the closed dock doors. The pavement leading to the dock doors is on a decline. You can clearly see there is very little room for movement. Maneuvering a car through here is a piece of cake. Try doing it with a semi 75 feet long ...