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Website Facebook http Twitter YouTube Christian demoted for posting private comments about 'same-sex civil partnerships in churches' on facebook -- National newspaper commentators, and homosexual activist Peter Tatchell have criticised it -- Liberal Democrat MP, Julian Huppert, has renewed a call to amend Section 5 of the Public Order Act to improve free speech -- Fresh warnings have been sounded over the proposed redefinition of marriage in Scotland by Archbishop Mario Conti and Sir Tom Farmer -- In Westminster, Andrea Leadsom MP has suggested that sex education resources should be vetted to ensure that children as young as five are protected from 'inappropriate' content -- A vote to remove the requirement for Christian assemblies at all schools apart from faith schools was abandoned due to a lack of support -- Margo Macdonald MSP has re-launched a controversial campaign to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland -- And a service to commemorate 150 years of the Grace Baptist Mission will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this Sunday.