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Also watch: ~ The Fukushima Holographic Ghost Man Projection (08-28-2011) The full text written related to this video: "Lost Our Lease - Last Chance - Now Open" Only the words Last Chance were visible and filmed on October 9, 2011 from position of 29th street broadway NYC around 17:00 hours. Original video from user rokdegameCA at: There's no doubt there's an artist named Kim Beck: And there's no doubt she contracted out a skywriting project before: But looking at this message and the "plane" and the trauma of 9/11 in mind.. do you really believe Kim Beck was fully responsible for this?.. I hope you haven't forgotten about the NYC Fly-Over Psy-Op on April 27, 2009: The "plane" you observe is clearly not a regular plane.. and this skywriting message is not achieved by conventional means.. Kim Beck is merely used for this Psy-Op.. which frightened a lot of children and adults.. isn't it strange that 2 years ago the government called it a huge mistake a photo-op plane appeared above NYC and frightened a lot of people.. and now this should be okay?.. ofcourse not.. it's a clear psy-op.. this is not something you should want your name attached to.. it's a disgrace and definitely not art in any sense.. :( Last chance to save your future generation from this technology you persistently deny and refuse to see.. but rather listen to the lies of your experts.. digging your graves and that of your ...