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2986 people died that day.. but the "people" you see in this video are certainly NOT real.. welcome to the twilight zone.. for a more detailed observation of these exotic technology programs at work on 9/11 go to: Project Bluebeam in full effect.. you just hadn't realized the events of 9/11 were part of it.. observe the deceptive power of plasma and implosive electromagnetic pressure waves.. the (negative) refraction/bending of light.. the pre-programmed black matter/bio-nanotechnology interacting with the fourth state of matter.. (ionized gas - plasma).. extreme destructive highly advanced technology acting like an organism.. 9/11 firefighters: signs of radiation at ground zero Japanese activists claim that 9/11 related cancers similar illnesses in Hiroshima after dropping of nuclear bomb in World War II ..resolve your conditioning.. an unexpected disclosure.. especially for me.. now you.. don't be afraid to open your eyes.. it's time.. Discerning Eyes Only ~ 9/11 Anomaly ~ Object has Twin Brother ~ A Comparison 911 Shockwave and Explosion from NIST FOIA - WABC Dub1 42 People Falling from the World Trade Center (at 00:29 minutes onwards) Pt.4/5 The Bluebeam Generation ~ 9/11 Truth Stranger than Fiction ~ Exotic Weaponry Exposed Pt.5/5 The Bluebeam Generation ~ 9/11 NWO: Unraveling its Paradox and Symbolism (1) (2) The Fukushima ...