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It looks like it is time for a toddler bed! Dayn refuses to stay in bed at nap time.** Note: They are no longer in the crib. They are now in toddler beds.Aired on Right This Minute: October 17, 2011Aired on Good Morning America (Play of the Day): October 20, 2011Aired on Inside Edition: October 21, 2011Aired on Today Show: October 22, 2011Aired on GlobalTV Toronto: October 21, 2011Aired on Good Morning America (Fixation-interview): October 23, 2011Aired on Global TV BC: October 24, 2011The Ellen Show Website: October 24, 2011Reported Twin Sightings:Dutch TVBrazil TVRomania Sun (UK)bolbocafemom - The StirHuffington PostYahoo BrasilLet us know you've spotted them!Using the video: If you are a TV station, newspaper...etc, please send me a message via YouTube or through email (located on the main channel page) requesting to use the video. As these are my kids, I would like to be able to give consent before the footage is used.Do not copy the video and re-upload it onto YouTube. Just favourite it instead and then you can put the favourited video onto your channel page but it will stay linked to my channel.If you want to make a voiceover, you are welcome to do so IF YOU KEEP IT CLEAN. That means NO PROFANITY OR SEXUAL CONTENT. Be respectful to the fact that these are children and if you upload a video that violates this, you will be requested to take it down. If you create a clean video, let me know and I might approve it as a video response.Thank you for understanding and respecting our request.