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How to build a Flamethrower for under $10, Hello and welcome to the gradualreport, my name is Danny, and i'm, probably your best friend on the internet, and because you are my best friend on the internet I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Before we get started with today's show I want to say that playing with fire is incredibly dangerous. You should never play with fire. That said I think its important to understand fire so today a scientific experiment on how to build a flame thrower for less then $10... final summation... fire is hot.. and it can burn things... and the best way to put out a chemical fire is to hit it with a blanket and that makes it dangerous... and that means we need to understand it... other things...SUBSCRIBE NEW SHOWS EVERY, MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY What is the gradualreport? The gradualreport is a human experiment in comedy focusing on; human interactions, human phobias, animal news, giant world events, and scientific non-achievement. These things are distilled through the mind of a weird, smart, eccentric young man named Danny Grozdich and funny is the result. Who is Danny Grozdich? Danny is your best friend on the Internet. I must repeat, "Danny is your best friend on the Internet." And though you may never meet Danny. He wants you to know that he loves you. Final Summation Danny made these videos to teach you, and make you happy, and help you laugh at the funny side of life, because, in a world of moral ambiguity ...