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Holy balls, what a good champion. Outstanding burst damage. I'm a little surprised that Riot managed to make a champion carry what is essentially a shotgun, and have it look and feel right while having no randomness associated w/ it. I'm not sure if he's really balanced or not, and this is why I was fairly non-specific with numbers (I'm only specific w/ numbers on champions who feel balanced and have been around/tuned a lot already). The buckshot math right now is 1x damage for one shot, and .35x damage for each additional, making a maximum of 1.7x damage if you can land all three shots. Not 3x damage, but still extremely good for an ability that already does fine damage. Most ranged AD carries have a more difficult early game, whereas this guy has an amazing early game that carries into an amazing endgame, and he has a stronger farm ~15 minutes into a game than any champion I've played. Because of his early burst and potential for early kills, I started going Bloodthirster first in my later games because that gave the biggest bang for my buck, followed by Zeal, then Infinity Edge. Is this the best route? Up to you. It worked great for me. Family flies in today (going to the airport shortly). They'll be here 3 weeks, so things are going to slow down. As mentioned, I've also got a very big event coming up at an unexpected time within the next 2 weeks, and that's going to knock me out. All that said, I'll keep updates here as often as possible, and I might get in some non ...