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Is Batman a Republican or a Democrat? Does he belong on Wall Street or on Main Street? Bat Liberal or Bat Conservative? Check out my SNL Reviews at http If you're a Nerd who's into politics, it's a question you've probably already asked yourself and if you're one of the protestors fueling the Occupy Wall Street Movement, it's a question that you may soon find yourself grappling with as Batman prepares to descend upon the New York protest scene. The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this week that Director Christopher Nolan would be moving his "The Dark Knight Rises" shoot to New York for two weeks starting at the end of October, and reports are also flying around that the cast has been told they would be shooting scenes with the Occupy Wall Street crowed serving as a backdrop. Which begs the question, how will the Wall Street Occupation Movement greet The Dark Knight if he should flap his cape in their midst? All kidding aside, do they welcome the additional media attention the film shoot would bring or do they choose to actively interfere -- in a peaceful manner -- with the film? And lets face it, the people at Occupy Wall Street are a pretty creative group who really run with this -- one way or the other. So what do you think? Personally, I think Batman's a Democrat. And if you agree with me, tell me why and hit that Subscribe button up there while you're at it.