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You want lots of hot Zombie on Zombie, brain eating, jugular tearing, blood spurting Halloween fun? Then there's no better place to turn that the Republican Debates where Zombie Rick Perry and Zombie Mitt Romney go on an undead rampage! Rick Perry and Mitt Romney really went after one another during the CNN sponsored GOP Presidential Debate in Nevada hosted by Anderson Cooper. At times it was horrifying to see the two Republican Presidential candidates attacking one another like they were both a couple of monsters! Check out my SNL Reviews Nothing seems to get Republican Presidential candidates more angry and vicious with one another these days than a debate over who is tougher on illegal immigration -- especially illegal immigrants coming over the Mexican border. In the GOP Debate in Nevada, Rick Perry accused front runner Mitt Romney of having employed illegal immigrants to care for his lawn a few years back. Mitt Romney vigorously tried to defend himself from Perry's attacks, and tried to appeal to Anderson Cooper, the moderator of the Debate, to get Perry to keep his mouth shut so he could try and answer the charged. It was all pretty funny to watch, and difficult to imagine either of those guys ever being President of the United States.