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or science meets truth... article from eZine: Astrology is one of the oldest mystical divinations known to man, and it remains one of the most accurate and authentic of all. It is part science, part art and within it lays the secret to one's true purpose. It is humanity's most enduring psychological tool, defining personality and delineating the shifting cycles of individual lives. Astrology is a pseudo-science interpreting the supposed effect of the heavenly bodies on human existence. In early history the two are closely linked. It is part of the Vedic literature and has been preserved and handed down in the guru-parampara, the chain of apostolic succession since time immemorial. Vedic astrology is the original form of astrology that existed thousands of years ago in what is now known as the Indian subcontinent. Other people have a great believe that astrology is a belief system. The belief is that the positions of the sun, moon and planets against the starry background influences peoples' personalities and shapes their lives. While others believe that is not some silly old thing, a superstition or pseudo-science, but a real science of human experience. Its symbols leave room for the vagaries of human behavior, that which can never be reduced to simple and absolute formulae. The topic of astrology is often controversial, with a great many followers and believers but also many skeptics. There is also a strong believe that it is an art that is based on the ...