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or 'Like' us on Facebook - http BALCONYTV TORONTO IS BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH INDIE WEEK AND THE UNDERGROUND GARAGE PRESENTED BY NOEL COPEMAN http You've heard rumors, maybe even seen the madness live, but finally, after years of perfecting the blend, Josh Martinez is ready to present THE PISSED OFF WILD. GO TO Camobear Records right now and pick it up on digital or in the physical version. We have even have signed versions... After 5 years of uninhibited disappointment, setbacks, failure, fire, raining frogs, garbage strikes, Stephen Harper, Roofies and sexually transmitted innuendo, the PISSED OFF WILD album has made its way into the oozing viscuous puss of the modern era. Started five years ago in Vancouver, BC, when Martinez was full of chutzpah, ample virginity and the full breasted lifestyle of a young hungry dreamer, The Pissed Off Wild album is a triumph of tribulations. The album is a testament to finishing something destined for historic revision, an incredible musical journey that five years ago was cutting edge and to this day is still ahead of the curve of 99% of the new indie rap game. The one rule was that each song could not have more than 2 verses of rap and most have significantly less. It moves from minimal punk fight songs, to drunk Irish singalongs, to gorgeous melancholy heartache that sounds like the Black Keys at their best. http Tune in next time!