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Chords: C,F,G. Capo 5th. played like G,C,D Sell the banks back to themselves/// pawn off our houses// sell away our futures/// sell off the sky... Sell your dreams. /// They're going to carve their names on the headstone-- A monument to the corporate pharaoh sitting there, 20 stories up in the sky. Bright lights/ cold night/// In the sky, burning their message of hopelessness into our eyes./// Hovering dreams of the babes// Babes who have no futures// the dismallest futures of all. They got nothing. We messed it all up. My love is sick in bed/// her children run wild-- I had a dream-- a bad dream/// That our world got caught up in the torrent of the surrounding stream// turned into a tornado of nightmares smashed to bits on the stone where the pilgrims landed/// caged up by a jail-cell in the town of Plymouth. // Have you been there? It's pathetic. Can't buy no dreams/// for they sell no dreams When there are no dreams/// We have no dreams, When they've sold our dreams There ain't no dreams/// forgotten how to dream/// as easy as it seems We owe our dreams to our corporate pharaohs To Bank of America// To Wall Street// Take back your dreams... Take back Wall Street... Take back, take back your dreams The organ grinder in a photograph gives me hope/// Hope for a time when the humans are gone// gone from the Earth.//// But that organ-man, where will he go? A drunken power plant blew up his world. Sometimes lighting strikes-- sometimes it feels like the whole world/// is ...