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or In case you were wondering how judges in New York get so much work done handling so many different cases, there is a secret to what they do. The answer is having a law clerk. A law clerk is also known as a legal secretary in some circles. No, a law secretary is not someone who answers the judges phone or gets his coffee. The terms are interchangeable. A law clerk is carefully chosen by the judge to help him or her do legal research, identify the legal issues that need to be resolved and then offer suggestions and conclusions that will help the judge make legal decisions. Of course, a judge can always exercise their own discretion and choose to accept or reject anything their law clerk recommends. Law clerks work quietly behind the scenes and typically do not interact with the public. As attorneys who appear in front of judges for conferences, we often have the opportunity to interact with the judge's law clerk during conferences.Watch the video to learn more. To learn even more about how negligence cases, accident cases and medical malpractice cases work in NY, I urge you to explore my educational website http If you have legal questions pick up the phone and call me at 516-487-8207, or send me an email: I can answer your questions; that's what I do every day and I welcome your call. The Law Office of Gerald Oginski, LLC 25 Great Neck Rd., Suite 4 Great Neck NY 11021 516-487-8207