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or What happens when you go to trial? One side will win, the other side will lose. Does the losing party have the ability to appeal the decision automatically? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is also yes but there are important points you need to know. To begin with, there are lawyers who only handle appeals. They are a sub-specialty of lawyers who focus on the appeals procedure and the legal implications of rulings made during a trial. Taking a case on appeal to the appellate division of the state of New York is not the same as retrying your case at the trial level in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. In fact, in an appeal, the appellate court only looks to see whether they were legal errors made during the initial trial. For example, if certain evidence should not have been admitted, they look to see whether that was "harmless error," or whether that evidence, if it had not been allowed in, would have altered the outcome of the case. Many trial lawyers do not handle appeals. Instead, they rely on specialists to handle appeals for them. There are a certain number of law firms in New York that have their own in-house appellate lawyers to handle appeals for them. Watch the video to learn more about whether you can appeal your trial level case as a matter of right. To learn even more about how negligence, accident and medical malpractice cases work in NY, I urge you to explore my educational website http Ifyou have legal questions pick ...