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If their are any Gods of Comedy, please pray to them with me in the hopes that Emmy Award winning comedian Melissa McCarthy with play New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie when she hosts SNL this weekend! Melissa McCarthy, who just won an emmy for playing the lead in her sit-com, Mike and Molly, well she's hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow night, and I would really, really, really like to see her play the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie on the show. The Republican Party has been behaving lately like a repeat offender Runaway Bride. Every time you think they've begun to settle down with a presidential candidate, First Michelle Bachman, then Rick Perry, and now Mitt Romney, well every time the organ plays here comes the bride, the bride takes off to look for another groom. And this time the dreamboat they're trying to elope with is Chris Chistie, a guy who has repeatedly stated that he's not ready to be President, that he's not running, that he has no interest in being President, but boy, now that he's being inundated with flowers and chocolates and sweet nothings being whispered into his ears by the party elite, now the coy Governor is actually beginning to seriously consider getting into the race— Which is why I want to see Mellisa McCarthey play him on the show. She's talented, she's funny she's the same body type and I think she'd blow everyone away with her portrayal of Christie, who is the sort of charming and charismatic blowhard that is crying ...