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During filming for The Dark Knight Rises in downtown LA, fans finally got a full glimpse of Anne Hathaway's much anticipated Catwoman costume. On Sunday, the actress filmed scenes with Christian Bale, who was also fully decked out in his bat suit. Anne showed off her sleek black leather body suit, mask and even little cat ears. Anne's costume harkens back to the Catwoman from the old 1960s Adam West Batman series, most similar because her hair is free-flowing instead of being covered with some kind of cowl. This retro referencing is surely unexpected from such a progressive director like Christopher Nolan, who has taken the Batman aesthetic into a functional and militarized direction. The 28-year-old actress says she's been working out relentlessly to fit into the suit. "I'm a vegetarian and right now, I'm living on kale and dust for the training," Hathaway told Chelsea Lately on her talk show. So what do you think? Is the new Catwoman costume better than Michelle Pfeiffer's dominatrix version, or Halle Berry's version? Is it original or boring? Leave a comment below and let us know. catwoman,%201960s