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In the midst of our daily international music hunting here at the network we come across a wide range of musicians who have new releases forthcoming or whom have released new musical goodness in the last year or so.   While our hands are extremely full across the board with regional shows, the main show, and our daily offerings, we are coming up with other ways to keep the overflow to a minimum and keep sharing these fresh tracks as much as possible.

Here begins the mixtape style free-flowing series a few of us have preliminarily dubbed ‘Bonus Tracks’.  While some songs may be from new releases, there will be some that are all submissions to the network,  themed or whatever the flavor du jour of the individual at the controls may be that day.

Enjoy and as always, please spread your love to the artist at the links below.

Download IR: Bonus – September 15, 2011INSERT QUARTER HERE


1) Phantogram – Mouth Full of Diamonds
(February 2010: Saratoga Springs, NY)
Website | Facebook

2) All Get Out – Lucky Bastard
(September 2011: Charleston, SC)
Website | Facebook

3) Katie Herzig – Free My Mind
(September 2011: Nashville, TN via Colorado)
Website | Facebook

4) Land of Talk – Quarry Hymns
(August 2010: Montréal, CAN)
Website | Facebook

5) Ivan & Alyosha – Glorify
(February 2011: Seattle, WA)
Website| Facebook




6) Oregon Bike Trails – Cayucas
(September 2011: Santa Monica, CA)
Bandcamp | Soundcloud

7 ) Caveman – A Country’s King of Dreams
(September 2011: New York City, NY)
Website | Facebook

8 ) Code Pie – Muddy Shoes
(April 2011: Montréal, CAN)
Website | Facebook


GAME… OVERPinball Photo by Chace N. under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)