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Having some fun with a song I wrote, ,., We hope you like it !! Here's the lyrics: "Don't make me a Fool" I went on down and into the bar. She said what you doing here? Don't you know you're barred? I said, oh, come on please, I'll behave, don't make me leave. She said, if I give you one more chance, are you going to make a fool of me? Because if so, then I wish that you'd just go! I said oh, no! No, no, no, I'll be good, and I'll be good to you, I'll even tip you up, and you'll see it's true! Oh baby, I'll be good to you! So she let me stay for a while, every now and then she even gave me a smile. Weren't too long, and I was feeling good! I put my money in her jar, like I knew I should. But myself, I can never trust. All it takes is a little buzz, for me to start acting the fool. So I asked her if she'd like to play some pool. Well, we aint got no table you know. So now I think it's time for you to go! We aint got no table "round here! So now I think you need to just finish your beer! Just finish your beer my dear, and get on out of here! Don't try and make me a fool! You know we aint got no pool! The next thing you know, you'll be asking me, do I want to go Swimming? Oh no!, no, no! Just finish your beer, and go! Just finish your beer, my dear, and get on out of here! Written By: John Young aka Fang1961 Here's a link to more info, and of course, VIDS!