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Minecraft enderman. Interview with Victor Surge - creator of The Slenderman Images used with permission (Victor Surge) Music used with permission (TheJonnyDeath) The Enderman is one of the latest additions to minecraft and is part of the 1.8 beta patch. The guys over at Mojang did not come up with the idea from scratch though. After some investigation i found where the inspiration for this new npc was coming from. The Slenderman. Internet Myth created by Victor Surge. The Slenderman has also been the influence for various other successful works including the alternative video series known as "Marble Hornets". The video playing in the background is of me and my buddies building a giant enderman ingame. minecraft enderman slenderman endermen slendermen patch 1.8 notch victor surge paranormal myth ufo mojang creepers diamond pick smokeycow show marble hornets entry seananners junkyard gamechap