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Keat Hwa(吉华)is a well known school in the city of Alor Setar, Kedah. Currently, Keat Hwa consists of 6 schools; three primary schools: Keat Hwa (H), Keat Hwa (K) and Keat Hwa (S), two secondary schools: Keat Hwa 1 and Keat Hwa 2, and one private secondary school, Keat Hwa (P). This year Keat Hwa marks its 100 years of existence. A centenary celebration committee had been setup under the Keat Hwa Alumni Organization. For this anniversary, a series of events had been organized throughout the year, culminating with a 3-day celebration to mark this auspicous year for Keat Hwa that was held from 28th till 31st July 2011. The 3-day gala event was held at the Keat Hwa 1 school compound. Besides exhibition booths, there were several unique and meaningful event was organized. 'Grand Festival' was one of the biggest event among the celebrations. The Opening Ceremony with the participants of more than 1000 students, consists of different clubs and societies, unit uniforms, Board of Directors from 6 schools and also the alumnus of Keat Hwa. Before the opening ceremony, a parade was held where all the teams marched from the oldest school building,Keat Hwa (S) to Keat Hwa 1.The journey was roughly 5 kilometres and it caught the attention of the citizens of Alor Setar. A torch tower was designed and built for the Opening Ceremony with more than a million can tabs weighing more than 1100 kg. The achievement was recorded into the Malaysia Book of Records. 'Grand Expo' was another huge ...